Saturday, 29 January 2011

What we do... A few recent photograps.

1. Charcoal Burner's hut and edge of kiln - a burn takes 24 hours and as we have to rotate the kiln's chimneys every three hours, this means overnighting in the woods. The renovated 1968 Shropshire County Contracting Van affords us some comfort during the night.

2. Clive the Forest Terrier guards some recently cut cordwood on Flintbatch's steep slopes.

3. During felling we sort timber into blanks for logs and branchwood for the charcoal kiln. The spray or 'lop and top' is burnt on site. Years ago, it would have been tied by hazel twine into bundles of 'faggots' and sold as fuel for bread ovens.

4. A rough design for our cider's bottle labels - based on typographic fonts found on an 1827 coppice sale poster. The paper has been died a sepia colour by wiping used tea bags on it.

5. An example of Flintbatch's hedge-laying and fence making work. Midland 'bullock' style hedge and oak picket fence.

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